Contemporary Themes

 Agenda Homework Important Due Dates

Go over classroom policies and procedures 

Sign policies

Collect policies

Discuss effective group behaviors

Freewrite: What have you learned about ethics and leadership so far? 

 Freewrite: Extend one of the ideas you wrote about in the class-time freewrite.

Introduce SSR

Pick up Leaders and scan table of contents

Discuss homework     

Read pp. 1-10 in Leaders  
 F,1/8Work on Leaders chpt. 1 questions in groups
Read pp. 10-18 in Leaders
 M,1/11Finish Leaders chpt. 1 questions--turn in at the end of the period

Leaders chpt. 1 vocabulary (due Wednesday):

wistful (1), effervesces (2), moratorium (2), mobilize (3), candor (4), empower (8), dichotomies (8), voracious (11), vociferous (11), paradigm (13), atrophying (14), burgeoning (14)

Provide: Sentence from the book (context), Definition, Part of speech, You own sentence 


Discuss Leaders chpt. 1

Library Visit (last 10 min.)             

 Finish chpt. 1 vocab

Go over vocabulary

Finish discussion of chpt. 1

Discuss EPT format     

 Study for writing test tomorrow (think of examples you can use for your essay--I gave you the quote in class today.)  Writing Test tomorrow!
 R,1/14 Practice EPT essay test
 Read Leaders pp. 19-33 (chpt. 2) Use three sentences or fewer to summarize Strategy I.

Grade yesterday's essay test: go over the rubric and give numeric score as well as detailed evaluations

 Read Leaders pp. 33-43. Use three sentences or fewer to summarize Strategy II.

 Leaders chpt. 1 vocab test on Wed.

Reading Logs Due Friday, 1/22. 


Finish grading exams

Read Leaders pp. 43-55. Summarize Strategy III (3 sentences or fewer) 

Study for vocab test

Finish classwork 


Vocabulary Test

Go over summaries from homework (look at sentence structures)

Begin "My Last Duchess"--video 

 Read pp. 55-68 Summarize Strategy IV

Reread "My Last Duchess" (note sentence breaks)

Discuss poem in pairs (chart what the Duke says vs. what he means) 

 Read pp. 69-79. Summarize "The Deployment of Self Through the Wallenda Factor"

Collect reading logs

Finish "MLD" pair work

Begin discussion of MLD 

 Read pp.79-86. Summarize "Empowerment"-All summaries will be collected on Monday. 

Collect summaries for Leaders chpt. 2

Pass back essays

Discuss final exams

Grade groups


 Assess your own writing skills. What do you need to work on? Highlight your 3 greatest weaknesses on the evaluation sheet attached to your Leaders essay.  
 T,1/26 & R1/28 Final exams

Return Leaders books

Correct multiple choice section     


Go over essay final

Finish "My Last Duchess"

New reading logs     

Work Guide Questions: Don't need to copy down questions, but you need to answer in complete sentences incorporating the question into the response.  

Group Work: Working prereading questions

Group Work: Prepare to share out on Work Guide Questions 

Read and annotate Working interviews for details and points that surprise you.  
 R,2/4 Share out on Work  Guide Questions
 Answer Babe and Larry Reading Questions

Freewrite: What is the American Dream? How does the pursuit of it affect the way we work?

Discuss Babe and Larry interviews--turn in homework 

Read and annotate "Reinventing Work." Pay attention to the contrasts in work ethics.  

Group work for "Reinventing Work"

Library visit     

Pre-reading journal for "Workers"

Finish classwork from yesterday.

Discuss "Reinventing Work"

Share out on homework 

"Workers"--read and annotate for narrative segments (anecdotes) Why does he use these anecdotes? What does he want the reader to see?  

"Workers" group work: close reading questions #1-5    

Freewrite: What are some of your likes and dislikes about a current or former job?

Revise work from yesterday

Group Work: Writer's Craft #1-3         

Freewrite: What job do you want in the future (career)? Why? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this job? What questions do you have about this job?


Discuss "Workers"

Assign essay 

Prewrite for essay--Venn diagrams 

RD #1 Due T, 2/23

RD #2 Due F, 2/26

FD Due T, 3/2 


Discuss "Workers"--thesis

Share prewrites 

I will collect the freewrites from 2/11 and 2/12 as well as the essay prewrite on T, 2/23.

Lecture on comparison/contrast essay structures

Pick up Hard Times

Background reading for Hard Times: annotate for details that will help you understand HT, a social criticism of the Industrial Revolution 

 F,2/19Background video on the Industrial Revolution